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Progressive Classes

We offer classes to anyone wanting to build their skill level in various disciplines.  Our sessions are generally 8 weeks and occasionally we will offer workshops and camps for all of our classes.

Pole Fit

Our pole fit sessions are designed to make you feel sexy, confident, and empowered. Our beginner classes will take you through the fundamentals by building functional body strength and increasing flexibility.  You will start by learning basic spins and poses  then work your way up to jawdropping lifts and complicated combos.

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Aerial Kids

Our aerial yoga kids programs are anything but ordinary.  These classes are for those that like their feet to be anywhere but on the ground. From learning the foundations of aerial yoga to learning tricks and poses in the fabrics these classes are a sure way for your child to develop strength and flexibility along with having heaps of fun!

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Bungee Fit

These progressive classes will push you harder and encourage you to break your gravitational limits!  Bungee fit is designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance  while utilizing a bungee system - with a mix of dance and fitness training you will be executing various fitness moves using a harness and bungee cord.

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Aerial Hammock

Our aerial sling classes are designed to develop full body strength and is perfect for anyone looking to , learn to flow in the fabric and feel what it's like to fly.  We offer programs for the aspiring aerialists at all skill levels.  Building on the foundations of each class, you will be learning yoga inspired poses and fun tricks in the aerial fabrics. These classes are a beautiful combination of yoga and pilates. 

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Don't see a class that works for you - request to set one up or book a private class with you and your friends 

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks is perfect for anyone who already has aerial, dance or fitness experience.  These courses will challenge you in various cirque poses, climbs and drops.  You will build an incredible amount of strength and continue to work on your flexibility in these challenging series.  

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 ** Please note - Classes are non REFUNDABLE  & non TRANSFERABLE